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Monart Beliefs

Monart is more than a method that teaches people how to draw. Leading educators recognize Monart as a way students can use several learning modalities by teaching them how to focus and concentrate, make decisions, solve problems, plan sequence, and develop hand-eye coordination. Just as we learn the ABC's so that we can read, and musical notes and scales so that we can play an instrument, Monart students learn to perceive what they want to draw in terms of five basic elements of shape, and to develop the skills they need to translate that information onto paper.

Since 1979, Monart has been taught around the world. The Monart method has achieved astounding results with children and adults, including those with learning difficulties. Public school teachers who receive in-service training and use Monart in their classrooms report that their students' reading and math levels rise, and their problem-solving skills and concentration increase dramatically.

Each week the lesson plan at Monart Drawing School is based on a particular theme, giving enough structure to ensure success, and enough freedom for independent creativity. In a non-competitive, peaceful environment students learn that there is no right or wrong way to draw. The curriculum is balanced both in subject matter and media.